About Shipping fee:

We are a professional wholesale website for overalls. Therefore, the size of the order is directly related to the cost of shipping, and the more the order, the cheaper the shipping cost.

For small orders: We offer your packages through international couriers such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, Epack and Hongkong Post. We will choose the most suitable shipping method based on your order destination. Since the delivery is commissioned by a third-party professional courier company, please make sure that your address information is detailed and correct.

For high volume orders: We usually use DHL, China Post, EMS, FedEx and other express delivery. For a larger number of orders, we usually send the goods to the domestic port for free, because a large number of goods need containers to transport them. Customers need to contact the shipping logistics company in advance.

In theory our goods are sold all over the world.

Here are the general steps we take to process an order:

1. Receive your order request

After processing your payment and receiving your order request, we will confirm the order by email.

2. Processing time

For small orders, we ask about 24-48 hours for quality control and choosing the right shipping method. Once the package is sent, we will send you an email with shipping and tracking information.
For high volume orders: We ask about 48-72 hours for quality control and discuss the appropriate shipping method with the customer. At this time, we need more contact, so please add our Whatsapp or email directly.

Note: In high volume orders, the processing time will be based on the total and shipping method.

3. Delivery time

For small orders: The actual delivery time to the destination country depends on the shipping method in your order.

Standard shipping cost: 5 - 15 business days

Expedited shipping: 3 - 10 business days

For high volume orders: Arrival time depends on your shipping method and the entrusted shipping company.

Note: Public holidays, destination countries and courier companies will also be affected by transit times.

If you want to know more about transportation, please contact us in time. We will develop a reasonable plan according to the needs of our customers.